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You have missed World Backup Day

As March 31st was World Backup Day (who decides these things?) I thought that now was as good a time as any to talk about backups. Computers, hard drives and other storage media can and do fail. Thus, it is essential that you have a viable backup plan. Here are some recommendations:
1. Set up an automated backup system with an external hard drive or other storage device (both Windows and Mac come with rudimentary backup programs that will do the job)
2. Ideally you will use multiple hard drives and rotate between them so you do not have a single point of failure. Keep one of those hard drives in a different physical location than your main backup. In my case I keep one hard drive at home and one at the office.
3. Keep both incremental backups (which allow you to return to multiple previous versions) and a clone of your hard drive (which allows you to return to work very quickly).
4. I also use cloud based storage for crucial files. I use Dropbox but there are many different options out there. If you would like to try Dropbox you can sign up and get a small amount of space for free with the use of this link. You will get a small amount of extra space when you sign up. FULL DISCLOSURE: I will also get extra space if you use this link so you may want to consider asking for a referral link from family and friends.

Use which ever system works for you, but for your own sake, please don’t rely on a single copy of your data. Backup. Backup. Backup.


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2 thoughts on “You have missed World Backup Day

  1. Interesting re-post. Is this a “retrieval” from the “backup” of the post ( from two years ago? Déjà-vu.

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